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GTHS Awards Day 1st Nine Weeks (11-18-2021)

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

GTHS celebrated the achievements of the brilliant students of our school on Thursday, November 18th.

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Dyandra Atkins & Samyra Durant


Khalayah Clay

Class Awards

The top students from each class received a certificate for their outstanding achievements in the 1st Nine Weeks.

These students have such qualities that will not only help them in achieving their goals but will also brighten the name of our school.

Rewards are a way to encourage good behavior and a competitive spirit. Let's celebrate what has been accomplished today and raise the bar for the next nine weeks!

Spanish I: Cantrice Lewis, Jamaya McDowell

Spanish II: Takya Threats, Cadence Grey

Art I: Skylar Frost, Trinity McKeel

Fine Arts: Luis Hernandez, Devonte Lloyd

Music Department: Cameron Louden, Samyra Durant

Quest for Success: Mar'Kayla Powell, Makayla London

JAG: Cadence Grey, Takya Threats

Health Science: Idranika Martin, Jakobia Thompson

Business English: Dedrick Clark, Darren Wilson

Technical Writing: Skylar Frost, Harmony Stakes

English II: Cadence Grey, Halee George

English III: Mykiah London, Renata Jones, Calvin Thompson, III

English IV: Mary Haley, Markel Norris

Algebra I: Dyandra Atkins, Tretavious Hill

Algebra II: Calvin Thompson, III

Algebra III: Nastasja Quinn, Robquesha Freeman

Geometry: Cadence Grey, Jasheenia Lee, Terry Douglas

Advanced Math: Kevin Lane, Charlidra Porter

Financial Literacy: Shalondria McCallum

World Geography: Zachary Williams, Takaya Threats

World History: Luis Hernandez, Stephen Everfield

Civics: Dylan Baker, Cadence Grey

U.S. History: Renata Jones, Kiersten Thompson

Environmental Science: Antonio Quinn, Madison Martin, Amaria Reynolds, Kaden Swift

Earth Science: Vanequad Sanders, Haley Turner

Physical Science: Dyandra Atkins, Vernon Nichols, Jr.

Biology I: Cadence Grey, Yessica Hernandez

Biology II: Aaron Reynolds, Renata Jones

Chemistry: Mary Haley

Students Who Are Succeeding

GTHS also recognized students who have shown impressive momentum in the classroom. They have demonstrated consistent effort and are on the path to success.

Spanish I: Adriana Martin

Spanish II: Jasheenia Lee, Makenzie Kelly, Mary Haley, Dannon Brown, Markayla Powell, Jo'Dejunae Craten, Jakendra Hardmon, Tinaujah Taylor

Fine Arts: Wil'Omarion London, Kenyon Jackson

Music Department: Dyandra Atkins, Omarion Spearman

Entrepreneurship: Robquesha Freeman, Benjamin Richardson, Milton Ross, Amaria Reynolds, Darren Wilson

Customer Service: Dedrick Clark, Willie Thomas, Liberty Anderson, Daiana Harrison, James Fletcher, Jr.

Business Computer Applications: Mykiah London, Darren Wilson, Liberty Anderson, Amaria Reynolds, James Fletcher, Jr.

JAG: Dedrick Clark, Kayviana Perkins, Samia Rice, Warren Walker, Tei'Un-Janae Wilson

Health Science: Alia Clark, Twan Wilson

AgScience: Stacy Bolden, Antonio Quinn

Workplace Safety: Sohnni Jefferson, Rashard Siggers, Vernon Nichols, Haley Turner, Ma'Yana Mackey

Resource: Stacy Bolden, Jamareon Majors

Business English: Samyra Durant, Wil'Omarion London, Devonte Lloyd, Andrea Redden, Mohaganie Robertson

Technical Writing: Amaria Reynolds, Nastachia Morrison, Za'Corrion McCallum, Zaniyah Weaver

English II: Janyla Barnes, Yessica Hernandez, Terry Douglas, Sohnni Jefferson, Jasheenia Lee, Dylan Baker, Trinity McKeel, Ma'Naiya Perkins

English III: Markayla Powell, Ta'Shawn Collins, Aaron Reynolds, James Fletcher, Jr.

English IV: Shaneka Thomas, Tayori Walker, J'Waun Turner, Destiny Sanders, Wydett Williams, Jr.

Algebra I: Cantrice Lewis, Antoine James, Vernon Nichols, Zachary Williams

Algebra II: Markayla Powell, Makenzie Kelly, Willie Thomas, Omari Moore

Geometry: Yessica Hernandez, Sohnni Jefferson, Halee George, Jakendra Hardmon, Dylan Baker

Advanced Math: Mary Haley, Khalyah Clay, Ray'Miyah Martin, Wydett Williams, Jr.

Financial Literacy: Darren Wilson

World History: Jaylan Bell, Samariah Gaines

Civics: Ma'Naiya Perkins, Milton Ross, Zatoyreia Siggers, Janyla Barnes, Jo'Dejunae Craten, Yessica Hernandez, Sohnni Jefferson, My'Liyah Kelly, Jasheenia Lee, Trinity McKeel

U.S. History: Za'Kyrian Glover, Jorrin Woods, Ashona Douglas, Andrae McMerchant, Jr.

Environmental Science: La'Daydreanna Williams, Skylar Frost, Elisha Lucas, Alyssa Wallace, Za'Kendreania Kelly, Jayla Weaver, Zaniyah Weaver, Ke'Asia Reliford

Physical Science: Tretavious Hill, Alaina Martin, Madison Martin, Cantrice Lewis

Biology I: Sohnni Jefferson, Terry Douglas, Jasheenia Lee, Jakendra Hardmon, Janyla Barnes, Jo'Dejunae Craten

Biology II: Tinaujah Taylor, Kayviana Perkins, Markayla Powell, Makenzie Kelly, Calvin Thompson, III

Chemistry: Robquesha Freeman, Jhaniya Gates, Khalyah Clay, Kelvin Lane, Jr., Wydett Williams, Jr.

Perfect Attendance

Students with a record of perfect attendance were recognized and celebrated.

Omarion Adams, Dyandra atkins, Ke'Marion Bass, Jaylan Bell, Dannon Brown, Malyk Brown, Deandrea Campbell, Ernest Carroway, Khalyah Clay, Ta'Shawn Collins, Antonio Davis, Ashona Douglas, Robquesha Freeman, Jhaniyah Gates, Jarvell Gibson, Mary Haley, Montrel Haley, Joshua Hall, Luis Hernandez, Ze'Keel Hickman, Angel Holden, Antoine James, Renata Jones, Makenzie Kelly, Kelvin Lane, Cantrice Lewis, Ja'Keri Lewis, J'Xavier Lewis, Devonte Lloyd, Shon Lloyd, Mykia London, Wil'Omarion London, Arianna Martin, Madison Martin, Mason Martin, Ray'Miyah Martin, Shykyzanai Martin, Za'Corrion McCallum, Donnell Nelson, Markel Norris, Lon'Faydra Oney, Christian Osborn, Kevin Perkins, Charlidra Porter, Antonio Quinn, Samia Rice, Terrance Robertson, Jai'Ree Sparks, Kaden Swift, Za'Kyra Tate, Tinaujah Taylor, Shaneka Thomas, Willie Thomas, Calvin Thompson, Kiersten Thompson, Sha'Lea Threats, Haley Turner, J'Waun Turner, Marquavion Turner, Simiya Whitty, Ahmoniee Williams, Ladarrius Williams, La'Daydreanna Williams, Nicholas Wilson, Sha'Derriyanna Wilson, Tam'Myia Wilson, Tyewangennaie Wilson, Jorrin Woods.

Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Students

Honor Roll Students(A GPA of 3.0 with no grade lower than C): Liberty Anderson, Jaylan Bell, Dannon Brown, Ta'Shawn Collins, Tecora Craig, James Fletcher, Samariah Gaines, Daiana Harrison, Luis Hernandez, Tretavious Hill, De'Anika Jackson, Kenyon Jackson, Antoine James, Cantrice Lewis, Makayla London, Ma'Yana Mackey, Adrianna Martin, Robert Mason, Trinity McKeel, Omari Moore, Vivian Morrison, Aubrey Nash, Ja'Larrion Newson, Vernon Nichols, Antonio Quinn, Terrance Robertson, Destiny Sanders, Tyran Shaw, Rashard Siggers, Tinaujah Taylor, Shaneka Thomas, Tam'Myia Wilson.

High Honor Roll Students(A-B Students): Dyandra Atkins, Dylan Baker, Terry Douglas, Stephen Everfield, Gazarea Fields, Robquesha Freeman, Jhaniyah Gates, Jarvell Gibson, Keldrick Green, Mary Haley, Jakendra Hardmon, Yessica Hernandez, Sohnni Jefferson, Renata Jones, Makenzie Kelly, Kelvin Lane, Jasheenia Lee, Devonte Lloyd, Mykiah London, Wil'Omarion London, Madison Martin, Ray'Miyah Martin, Ty'Qunneka Nash, Markel Norris, Kayviana Perkins, Charlidra Porter, Markayla Powell, Samia Rice, Willie Thomas, Calvin Thompson, III, Kevin Thompson, Sha'Leah Threats, Takya Threats, J'Waun Turner, Tayori Walker, Brileeyah Weaver, Darren Wilson, Tei'Un-Janae Wilson.

Principal's Scholars

4.0 GPA

GTHS Principal

Ms. Alpha Bell

From left to right: Khalyah Clay, Cadence Grey, Principal Ms. Alpha Bell, Kedriona Mclemore and Wydett Williams.

Principal's Remarks

Principal Ms. Alpha Bell

“To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say, you too, can be president of the United States.”

George W. Bush

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