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4th Nine Weeks Google Classroom Codes

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This page will be updated everyday until we have all G Classroom Codes uploaded.

We are going to start using these classrooms on Monday, March 21st, 2022.

Ms. Chase

2nd Period JAG I, II, IIIl 25atx3

3rd Period JAG I,II 3xeojmd

5th Period JAG I,II zlxravj

6th Period JAG II, V, ccweqwo

Mr. Fuentes

1st Period 1st ENRICHMENT ohwnora

3rd Period 3rd ALGEBRA IIrkufpql

4th Period FINANCIAL LITERACY 5uiy5py

6th Period 6th MATH ESSENTIAL 4ctbt7e

8th Period ALGEBRA II watenv2

MS. Coleman

1st Period ELA 6OWP6X5

4th Period MATH 4SMNCLT


6th Period SOCIAL SKILLS A725T44

Ms. Dorsey

Mr. Alday

1st Period ENRICHMENT sqowf2k

2nd Period GEOMETRY fr5j7y6

3rd Period GEOMETRY aoanc76

4th Period ALGEBRA 3 js2k23m

6th Period ADV. MATH 5juvqww

7th Period GEOMETRY l6lqqzz

8th Period GEOMETRY n33fdpu

Ms. George

1st Period Edgenuity j5aogkn

3rd Period English II rqafa4m

4th Period English II kd5pma7

5th Period English II uknfcbc

7th Period English II oltyxie

8th Period Quest For Success aslvy33

Ms. Navidad

1st Period Homeroom/Enrichment f2ieff

2nd Period English 1 vejl3cl

3rd Period English 1 32icu7u

4th Period English 1 jl5dxmd

5th Period English 1 oi6enic

6th Period Technical Writing ocv3e4e

7th Period Technical Writing opjuxeh

Ms. Meadows

1st Period Homeroom/ACT ylxbqha

2nd Period World Geography X5tc45r

3rd Period World Geography xlr23u

4th Period World Geography kandf55

6th Period Civics jwwtshg

7th Period Civics yqblu34

8th Period Civics ttmodgk

Coach Pennington

Mr. Garnica

2nd Period Spanish I bwgbih3

3rd Period Spanish II 2arscqf

5th Period Spanish II 73qnhjw

6th Period Spanish II vnkjhv3

7th Period Survey of Computer Science i7mfmkz

8th Period Spanish 6mwdj6s

Ms. Gallant

1st Period n/an/a

2nd Period Art I 75v7vxc

3rd Period Art I w3rftso

4th Period Art I dfpjoov

5th Period Art I sbo2c7w

6th Period Art I 7o66rrj

7th Period Art I qznpqzg

8th Period Art I 4ri3br4

Mr. Mitchell

Mr. Pomarca

1st Period ACT PREP 2wi6ipf

2nd Period ALGEBRA 1 7txz7m3

3rd Period ALGEBRA 1 t26dnmy

4th Period ALGEBRA 1 j4swloc

5th Period MATH ESSENTIAL Sitf5bes

7th Period ALGEBRA 1 idnfhlj

8th Period MATH Stf5wzpr

Ms. Alday

1st Period Homeroom/ACT Same

2nd Period VA Chemistry 3utf3ol

3rd Period VA Chemistry 4ttkeak

4th Period VA Biology 11n7k3f5d

5th Period VA Chemistry am5p2s3

6th Period VA Biology 11ijjvajo

7th Period VA Biology 11nkkugnm

Ms. Brinkley .

1st Period Enrichment 1 yuqgflj

2nd Period Ag Science qe7lni2

3rd Period Ag Science fejkyxn

4th Period Ag Science a6uti3a

5th Period NCCER CORE weqsziv

6th Period NCCER CORE fahak3n

7th Period Ag Science/ NCCER CORE ywkcoov

Ms. Gajelan

1st Period Enrichment lv2g35h

2nd Period Physical Science 3j57f5f

3rd Period Physical Science yqh7xa7

4th Period Physical Science 3zliv3e 6th Period ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2ggwftx

7th Period Physical Science q3dk3kq

8th Period Environmental Science vpknkq3

Mr. Villaflores

1st Period Enrichment 1 yhhbpun

2nd Period Biology 1 oxeodam

3rd Period Biology 1 3ogecop

4th Period Biology 1 shdwwdv

5th Period Envi. Science 2aot3fk

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