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3rd Nine Weeks Google Classroom Codes

This page will be updated everyday until we have all G Classroom Codes uploaded.

We are going to start using these classrooms after Friday, January 14th (last day for the first semester).

Ms. Chase

2nd period JAG n57emqt

3rd period JAG wlt2ine

5th period JAG tt4h253

6th period JAG 5weybyf

Ms. Dorsey

2nd Period BCA v4c35l5

3rd Period BCA fnhjtvk

4th Period Customer Service dsqjawj

5th Period Customer Service sxns45l

6th Period Entrepreneurship xdrmsvl

7th Period Entrepreneurship t3yjcii

8th Period Customer Service q7zgyqk

Ms. George

3rd Period English II r75dz3c

4th Period English II 54kqc62

5th Period English II ee2uulh

7th Period English II 772pcil

8th Period Quest For Success johjwqz

Ms. Meadows

1st Period Homeroom/ACT ylxbqha

2nd Period World Geography ceqafoj

3rd Period World Geography dsk7btt

4th Period World Geography fy6fb2g

6th Period Civics m7ztyso

7th Period Civics ijpnssu

8th Period Civics mhcypn7

Coach Pennington

1st Period ACT ENRICHMENT sj6rrtf

2nd Period BUSINESS ENGLISH ztdo7cz

3rd Period TECHNICAL WRITING aafbefu

4th Period ENGLISH IV mhf3xva

5th Period ENGLISH IV xw2u2tc 6th Period BUSINESS ENGLISH hgsskan

7th Period FINE ARTS SURVEY c2xspbz

Mr. Garnica

2nd Period Spanish o252ika

3rd Period Spanish tsdpczi

5th Period Spanish giarjsn

6th Period Spanish deugfke

7th Period Spanish goabqdq

8th Period Spanish lfqsbiq

Ms. Gallant

2nd Period Art I tqgwvhm

3rd Period Art I ypr2rlc

4th Period Art I kz5ceqr

5th Period Art I yb543xw

6th Period Art I dkgals5

7th Period Art I 7tjdtoc

8th Period Art I f3cm7d5

Mr. Mitchell

1st Period Enrichment Orizm6g

2nd Period ACT Prep Vmtwlpf

3rd Period ACT Prep lrzeulg

4th Period English III nwf7fdx

5th Period ACT Prep tpaw3pw 6th Period English III 2xer56y

Mr. Pomarca

1st Period ACT PREP 2wi6ipf

2nd Period ALGEBRA 1 75552dc

3rd Period ALGEBRA 1 vwlafxb

4th Period ALGEBRA 1 hxcwzpc

5th Period MATH ESSENTIALS jqa6bxm

7th Period ALGEBRA 1 gv4vbxm

8th Period MATH ESSENTIALS cq4sd6k

Ms. Alday

1st Period Homeroom/ACT Same

2nd Period VA Chemistry xjh7oxn

3rd Period VA Chemistry 7abjx46

4th Period VA Biology 11 y77jdxg

5th Period VA Chemistry cx5fiwt

6th Period VA Biology 11 t2p3q3h

7th Period VA Biology 11 g3apyko

Ms. Brinkley .

1st Period Enrichment 1 c6eow3x

2nd Period Ag Science pa7l34k

3rd Period Ag Science 6ygjzyv

4th Period Ag Science akfhv3h

5th Period NCCER CORE yihoien

6th Period NCCER CORE ix5gs7g

7th Period Ag Science dwtcmg6

Ms. Gajelan

1st Period Enrichment gcpbpnw

2nd Period Physical Science olzxear

3rd Period Physical Science zlqjikh

4th Period Physical Science 5s7l2cw

6th Period Environmental Science ftcokyb

7th Period Physical Science od7ztgr

8th Period Environmental Science umat65e

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