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2nd Nine Weeks Google Classroom Codes

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Ms. Alday

1st Period Enrichment SAME

2nd Period VA CHEMISTRY h2zupgp

3rd Period VA CHEMISTRY w3cvn2c

4th Period VA BIOLOGY II gqfgbmk

5th Period VA CHEMISTRY hw7dsox

6th Period VA BIOLOGY II 4ghfu2y

7th Period VA BIOLOGY II rztbxiw

Ms. George

3rd Period English II kf4bc7l

4th Period English II a77hodz

5th Period English IIjm7rctr

7th Period English II shddrfy

8th Period Quest for Success fgxwgti

Ms. Lane

2nd Period Health Science 7e2fn4x 3rd Period Medical Terminology 7zjuwk4

Mr. Mitchell

1st Period Enrichment emmvyiz

2nd Period ACT Prep be3axvq

3rd Period ACT Prep ldcf3zf

4th Period English II Ijngiuju

5th Period ACT Prep uqbpdp3

6th Period English II Imsmctqf

Coach Pennington

1st Period Enrichment 36qbrx6

2nd Period BUSINESS ENGLISH 265txsp

3rd Period TECHNICAL WRITING 3pmicgi

4th Period ENGLISH IV hpfvcpj

5th Period ENGLISH IV kskehez

6th Period BUSINESS ENGLISH bla3ahg

7th Period FINE ARTS SURVEY nmhdr53

Mr. Pomarca

1st Period Enrichment 2wi6ipf

2nd Period Algebra I vawasgs

3rd Period Algebra I ua4lizp

4th Period Algebra I vuunven

5th Period Math Essentials ydrbbzp

7th Period Algebra I ja7mtdp

8th Period Math Essentials 7nz7443

Mr. Garnica

2nd Period Spanish fy3xhqx 3rd Period Spanish kvakpp6

5th Period Spanish jzq4f3q

6th Period Spanish umu5lbh 7th Period Survey of Computer Science brds7ms 8th Period Spanish jrojzdt

Mr. Villaflores

1st Period Enrichment 5opooea

2nd Period Biology I d4pj65f

3rd Period Biology I a3jdrkh

4th Period Biology I sizmp5o

5th Period Environmental Science n4boohn

Ms. Meadows

1st Period Enrichment ylxbqha 2nd Period W. Geography g5gtkaw

3rd Period W. Geography lycxvt7

4th Period World Geography kr6j727 6th Period Civics rxdeuz3

7th Period Civics ycwti5q

8th Period Civics V2pvvjw

Ms. Gajelan

1st Period Enrichment agebyzu

2nd Period Physical Science 5enhnpr

3rd Period Physical Science axqvj4s

4th Period Physical Science 5gmeipi 6th Period Envi. Science 3shcwyg

7th Period Physical Science vnsp4a4

8th Period Physical Science kjnzkg4

Mr. Mitchell

1st Period Enrichment emmvyiz

2nd Period ACT Prep be3axvq

3rd Period ACT Prep ldcf3zf

4th Period English III jngiuju

5th Period ACT Prep uqbpdp3

6th Period English III msmctqf

Ms. Navidad

1st Period Enrichment yszr6as

2nd Period ENGLISH I ea36dxr 3rd Period ENGLISH I uestddk 4th Period ENGLISH I 3q3rtbj 5th Period ENGLISH I pm6u77g 6th Period TECHNICAL WRITING r4uggcs 7th Period TECHNICAL WRITING e26mfps

Ms. Brinkley

1st Period Enrichment 4dqhltx 2nd Period Ag Science I adatjoz 3rd Period Ag Science I vlfwooq 4th Period Ag Science I 4a6vpmx 5th Period Workplace Safety 2nnfmhv 6th Period Workplace Safety dg2yu3h 7th Period Ag Science I 5uvqjp7

Ms. Gallant

2nd Period Art I ywmtplh

3rd Period Art I u7zsptz

4th Period Art I xf22xk4

5th Period Art I ddygrpt

6th Period Art I vaur3h4

7th Period Art I ftgoeol

8th Period Art I nspb222

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